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Potted Henry

I was born & raised in Liverpool, England – born on the day The Beatles released “Love Me Do”. I was lucky to be part of a good family with fantastic parents. I have fond memories of my childhood. Growing up, the summers always seemed hot and felt like they lasted around eighteen months, frothing over with exciting adventures, endless games and excellent friends. Where I lived seemed ideal to me – there was a sprawling park nearby that had ponds, cafes, tennis courts, an aviary and a bandstand amongst its greenery. It’s not quite like that anymore….. School was close by and there were lots of roads and back streets in the neighbourhood waiting to be explored. I had a bike.

I went happily, by and large, to Florence Melly County Primary School in Bushey Road. It had separate Infants & Juniors buildings, both ornate quadrangles whose inner squares were framed by wooden verandahs. Every few yards, there was a patchwork-glass doorway to each classroom, through which you could look out on to neatly kept lawns, criss-crossed by paths and ornamental stonework. Nobody could tread on those lush verges, not even the teachers, except on special occasions (as when the 4th year football team I played for was having its photo taken for the Liverpool Echo). Sadly, the original premises – named after its founder, George Melly’s grandmother I believe – has since been demolished and rebuilt as a kind of arching, brick-glass construction, with a high, pointy metal fence circling the playground, replacing the privet hedges that used to flourish round the perimeter. Progress, I suppose……..

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