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A Fan From Far Away……….

Horrible Bosses 2Just prior to Christmas 2014, I had a very pleasant surprise with regard to my James Henry music mailing list. I have to admit, ladies and gentlemen, that the rate of signups has slowed somewhat over the last twelve months – I’m sure a lot of independent musicians, with many obligations and demands on their time outside of music, will confirm that it’s a hard job keeping a hand on the tiller whilst trying to steer the choppy waters of this industry. To find that you still just might be heading in the right direction is occasionally confirmed when you get some new fans – and when they have happened upon your music via the mysterious whirlpool that is the internet, it is all the more gratifying and ever-so-slightly bewildering.

My mailing list program pinged me an email to say that I’d had a new signup. As usual, I delved a little deeper and found that a guy called Michael Meismer from Texas was the person signing up. Unusually, he dropped me an email soon afterwards, mentioning some difficulty he’d encountered trying to watch a video of mine on YouTube……..I became curious and replied asking if he could tell me a little more about how he came to find me in the first place.

Well……….it turns out he’d been watching the movie “Horrible Bosses 2”, the one with Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx in it. Apparently, there’s a scene in there where a doorbell goes off and the tune it puts out is a Badfinger song (“No Matter What”). Michael didn’t remember the song title straightaway but decided to Google it and found a link to an article asking the question “What Do The Beatles & Badfinger Have In Common?”. Being an inquisitive person, he read the article and found a link to one of my songs which, it was stated, had some similarity in style to those bands. Having clicked through to discover this new track, he liked it enough to get in touch with me and subsequently sign up to my mailing list (whilst promising to let as many of his friends know about me, too). I find it amazing that such random occurrences can lead, via the internet, to a completely new connection which I hope will turn out to be fruitful for both of us.

If you’re reading this Michael, thanks again for watching such a great film and setting in motion a chain of events that ultimately brought you to some James Henry music.

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